tactile surfaces

interactive tables

They are similar in appearance to a Tablet, but gigantic in size. They have a screen on which you can interact using your hands. Its interface allows you to play, draw, view photos and product catalogs, or run different applications. With them, the public can live an incredible technological experience that can be individual, collaborative or competitive. Their horizontal configuration allows them to maintain visual contact with the rest of the participants. And their applications can be customized according to aesthetics and customer brand. At Playbots we can also carry out specific developments on request.


They allow you to live a highly participatory and fun experience. This technological interaction can be individual, collaborative or competitive. The screens can vary in size. Its vertical configuration allows for greater visual exposure of the activity. And its applications can be customized with the client's aesthetics and brand. At Playbots we also generate developments tailored to each need.


They are devices that make it possible to capture photos or videos and then send them by mail, post them on Facebook and Twitter or print them instantly. They can also be used to enjoy a wide variety of interactive games, including augmented reality technology. The content of the application and the exterior graphics are 100% customizable with images and the client's logo.

interactive floors

They offer a surface where people can interact en masse or individually on objects projected on the floor. They are used as a decorative element with attractive effects or in a game or trivia format.